From Shelley at Gun Nuts Media…

User Malfunction:

Here are some common reasons people ask range staff to fix their guns (or other miscellaneous range items), and what the range staff is actually thinking when they do:

‘It’s shooting low and left, I need to adjust my sights.’
No you don’t.  You need to stop slapping the trigger and flinching at every shot.  Here’s a .22.

‘It’s all over the paper, your ammo sucks.’
No it doesn’t.  The factory Winchester I just sold you is fine.  If you had listened to the range officer that just recommended you not use teacup Hollywood weaver while leaning backwards and rapid firing ‘the ammo’ would be a lot more accurate.

‘The gun is jamming a lot, you need to clean your disgusting rental guns.’
No I don’t.  I do that every week.  You need to stop limp-wristing my rental gun so the slide can cycle correctly.  Here’s a .22.

‘The rifle is hitting low, your scope is way off.’
No it’s not.  Stop trying to shoot a .223 with a scope at a 10 yard target.  Move your target out to 25 yards and it will hit spot on.

‘The rifle is hitting high, your scope is way off.’
#@$*%& I wish people would stop adjusting the sights on the rental guns!

‘Your gun bit me, now I’m bleeding.’
Gee, you mean you received slide bite from wrapping your support thumb behind the beaver tale like I just told you not to?

‘I’ve put 50 rounds through my 1911 to break it in and it’s still jamming.  You sold me a bad gun!’
No we didn’t.  Shoot it more.  If you didn’t have the patience to wait for the tolerances to loosen up a bit you should have bought a polymer gun.

‘I can’t hit a T2, I need a larger target.’
No you don’t.  Shoot your target at 3 yards instead of 10.  Here’s a .22.

‘I’ve put 300 rounds through my Taurus and it’s always runs fine!  You’re just telling people to try the SW M&P because it costs more!’
First of all, stop putting SW before M&P, either just say Smith & Wesson or assume I work at a gun range and know what an M&P is.  Second of all… No, forget it, I’m not talking to you anymore.

(Via Gun Nuts Media.)