My first trip to a gun shop was a bit like my first visit to Wild Birds Unlimited. In both cases, I had no idea what I was talking about, little concept of what I wanted (much less needed) and was convinced that everyone in the store would spot me as a poser.

That’s the hard part about starting a new endeavor. I was convinced the ornithologists at Wild Birds would lose all respect for me as a productive member of humanity once they started asking what I needed:

“I’d like some bird seed for a feeder please.”

“Sure! What kind of birds come around your yard?”

“Ummm, the kind that fly?”

The same kind of performance anxiety rears its ugly head for a first visit to the gun store. Convinced that they’ll be ridiculed if they don’t display sufficient knowledge, many people try to “fake it” so other customers and staff don’t view them as know-nothing rookies.

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