As any good handgun skills instructor or coach already knows, a required component of improvement is an accurate and immediate feedback loop. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing wrong, it’s awfully hard to get better. If you don’t have a way to confirm when your actions are correct, you don’t know when you’re improving. If you’re learning to cook like a French boss, but had no way to taste the Boeuf Bourguignon, how could you possibly know if you’re making it right? The whole process would be a personal insult to Julia Child.

When you take a professional shooting class, part of the value you get for your money is having a qualified instructor watching your every move and offering corrective feedback. If you’re performing a sloppy draw or yanking the trigger, perhaps the instructor will be able to see that and offer corrective tips. I only say “perhaps” because much of the gunshot sequence happens so fast that it’s hard to see with the naked eye, even with the slow-motion video commonly available on smartphones and digital cameras. Make no mistake, a live instruction session is well worth the money, and a training aid is no substitute for that type of learning. The problem is not having a way to continue to analyze and refine once you are taught the correct techniques.

Enter technology.

The folks at Mantis have created a game-changer with the launch of their newest product, the Mantis X10. I don’t say “game changer” lightly either. To be clear, this is the most revolutionary shooting training aid I’ve seen in, well, the history of ever.

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