Installing a spiffy new handguard for your AR-15 used to be a somewhat complicated process, requiring special tools that almost no casual shooters have. No more. The folks at Brownells have released the new Wrenchman series of AR handguards. What’s the big deal? All you need to install a spiffy new M-LOK attachment points is a crescent wrench. So, yes, the product name is descriptive of its function.

I should note that if you’re breathing new life into an existing rifle, you may need to beg, borrow, or steal the use of a barrel nut tool to get the old parts off. If you’re assembling your own AR from parts, you’re good to go with that standard crescent wrench, at least for the handguard portion of your build.

I tested out the Wrenchman by doing some cosmetic (and functional) surgery to an old Rock River Arms LAR 6.8 back that I purchased back in 1865. Or maybe sometime before 2010. Whatever the date, it’s an older model.

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