I was training with a friend last week. I hadn’t shot with him before, so I didn’t have any idea of his level of skill with a pistol. After placing some targets at about 10 yards and starting to plink, he proceeded to drill the center box out of one of those miniature silhouette targets from Birchwood Casey. I quickly figured out that he’s shot a handgun more than a couple of times in the past.

But back to the point. We proceeded to shoot for a couple of hours, doing all sorts of stuff like draws, multiple shots, on target, malfunction drills with magazine swaps, and simple “reload” magazine changes. While the hottest of our Lowcountry days are (hopefully) behind us, we were outside for quite a while, getting a little tired, and probably more than a bit dehydrated in the process.

Finishing the day with a bit more informal plinking, my buddy was starting to spread shots in a much larger group than those from the beginning of the day. He asked me to watch and see if I could tell what was going awry. While hard to see, it suddenly occurred to me to ask if he was trying to “time” the shot with a perfect sight picture. What I mean by that is quickly pressing the trigger at the exact instant the sights cross over the precise center of your desired aiming point. He responded that he was, in fact, doing exactly that.

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