I had an interesting conversation with Dusty Wunderluch of Credova while at SHOT Show 2024. Dusty is in the business of… doing business. Yes, that’s precisely what I mean. Lots of folks are becoming sick and tired of companies more concerned with political missions and forcing their social views on others and wondering, “Why can’t companies just focus on their business instead of stepping into that mess? Why do they insist on alienating half the country, one way or the other?”

Whatever side you’re on, perhaps we can agree that it would be nifty if manufacturers focused on… making things. And beer companies focused on… brewing good beer. And coffee shops focused on… selling coffee. You get the idea.

Anyway, Credova is in the financial services sector and focusing on… financial services. How refreshing.

Watch here: GUNS Magazine Putting an End to Woke Companies – GUNS Magazine