Galco King Tuk IWB Holster 1911

Galco King Tuk IWB Holster, shown here with a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP Armory Kote, is beautifully constructed.

While neither CrossBreed nor Galco invented the idea of marrying large amounts of leather support with a kydex shell to hold the gun, both have done a stellar job of implementation.

The Galco KingTuk inside the waistband (IWB) holster offers a huge leather panel that separates you from your hard and uncomfortable gun and a kydex gun pocket for smooth and quick draws. One important difference from the CrossBreed model – the KingTuk has a “C” Hook option which offers improved support on your belt while still being discreet to the casual observer. Another is the included combat cut – standard with the KingTuk.

During months of testing this model in the hot and humid summer conditions of South Carolina, we noticed an even bigger difference when compared to the CrossBreed designs. The Galco King Tuk is built with lots of attention to detail. The leather is of noticeably higher quality and has stood up exceptionally well to lots of sweat and humidity. While the holster has molded to body shape, it’s still as sturdy as the day it came out of the box. The Kydex is of thicker and more durable construction and the edges are beautifully finished – nice and smooth around the edges.

One last detail to note. The belt clips are fastened on with two screws instead of a single one on the CrossBreed model. And the flat nuts on the inside of the holster are made of brass for corrosion resistance.

Like just about all of the other Galco products we’ve tested in tough conditions, the Galco King Tuk IWB Holster is an excellent piece of gear. Highly recommended – this is our go to holster for 1911 carry and we’re looking forward to adding King Tuk’s for other handguns to our collection.

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