Our Holster Review of the Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster

Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster

The Blackhawk Leather Check-Six Holster is versatile and comfortable

The Blackhawk Check Six holster can tell time.

The “Six” in “Check Six” refers to the six o-clock position in reference to the circumference of your waist. This is otherwise known as a small-of-the-back holster design. It can be worn on the belt, outside the waistband, right in the center of your back. Hence the Six o’clock reference.

Small-of-the-back Holster Lovers and Haters

Small-of-the-back holsters are one of those topics sure to create a good old-fashioned internet argument. Some people love them. Some people hate them.

The lovers, who are also fighters, might be folks who spend a lot of time standing, wearing garments like sport coats, and are fairly mobile throughout their days. For these types, concealment and comfort are outstanding.

The haters, who are fighters too, are convinced that a gun held in the small of your back can be dangerous for two reasons. First, in order to draw, you have to bring your gun around to the front of your body. This action can cause the user to muzzle, or point the fiery end of the gun, at other people or things on its way to the firing position. The second concern is the risk of back injury if you fall, or are pushed, to the ground. There’s a big hunk of steel, polymer, plastic, bullets, and magazine between your spine and the ground. It you hit the ground back first, it could certainly leave a mark.

For me, this is not a concern, because the Blackhawk Check Six holster can tell time. Meaning I like to use it as a Check 5:30, Check 4:17, and usually a Check 3:52. Simply put, the design lends itself to placement in different positions.

As you can see by the photo, the design of the Blackhawk Check Six has the gun aggressively raked forward. This is a fancy gun term meaning that the holster, and your gun, are tilted clockwise if you’re a righty and counter-clockwise if you’re a lefty. This design accomplishes a few things. First, it makes the holster work as a small-of-back design. A vertical holster placed in the center of your back would be, well, kind of dorky. Second, it makes concealment easier. The tilted design means that the muzzle of the gun is not nearly as far below the belt line as it would be if vertically mounted. This comes in handy if you mount the rig in different times as well. For my own Check 3:52 use, a shirt easily covers the holster and full size Springfield Armory 1911 TRP shown here. Third, the forward-raked design helps create a smooth, rotational, draw.

There is one other thing I particularly like about the Check Six design, especially when used as a Check 3:52. The top is open – there’s no retention strap going over the back of the slide. Normally, a retention strap is a great feature. However, I like to carry a 1911 with oversized, ambidextrous safety levers. Why? Because I can! I find that some holsters with retention straps can flip the safety into the off position while you’re going about your daily routine. Of course, this is not an issue for most polymer gun designs, or most 1911’s with standard safety levers. It’s just something to be aware of for certain handguns.

The Check-Six features a retention adjustment screw that allows you to adjust how tightly you want the holster to grip your gun. This feature mitigates any disadvantages of an open top design as you can secure your gun as tightly as you wish.

One other thing. If you’re a professional tactical type, the Check-Six mount placement allows you to carry a long gun without the frustration of it getting hung up on your sidearm. As your handgun is placed well behind the hip, your rifle is less likely to get caught up on it. This feature is also useful for shooting competitors and hunters.

The Blackhawk Check-Six Holster is a versatile – and comfortable – design.

Our Rating

4 Nuns Four Nuns! Versatility, construction quality, and comfort get this design a four nun rating in our holster review. The Blackhawk Leather Check-Six is highly recommended.
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