There are a lot of myths about handgun lasers. Many people don’t consider that lasers add capabilities without replacing those you already have.

Laser sights get a bad rap from gun know-it-alls. You’ll hear pithy and condescending comments like these…

• Laser sights are a crutch.

• Lasers are only for people who can’t use iron sights properly.

• Laser sights are slower.

• What are you gonna do when you’re laser battery runs out in the middle of a gunfight?

• Lasers are delicate and will break at inopportune times.

• Serious shooters don’t need them.

Those folks are missing the point. Completely. Lasers add capabilities to your existing knowledge, skills, and equipment without taking anything away. Who wouldn’t want that type of tradeoff?

To better understand the laser sight debate you might make an analogy to car headlights. There was a time when cars didn’t have them. So maybe that vehicle was more like a horse, but we’re making an analogy here so stick with us. Without headlights, you could drive in daylight conditions. With some care, you could also drive at night, but you’d have to go slower and be much more careful.

But if you add headlights to your car, you now have improved driving capabilities. Those headlights you installed do nothing to diminish your ability to drive in the daylight. However, at night, the lights allow you to see more clearly and farther ahead, so you can drive faster with less risk of running off the road. You’ve added benefits to what you already had.

Lasers are similar in that respect. There’s nothing preventing you from using your good old iron sights in light or dark conditions. Knock yourself out. However, you can do some things with lasers that you can’t do with iron sights. In other words, they add new capabilities to your pistol configuration.

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