Gunzilla-16ozWe’ve been using Gunzilla Gun Cleaner for over a year now on all of our firearms. And our noses are better for it.

Gunzilla is a plant-based cleaner, lubricant, and protectant. Being plant-based, it doesn’t stink up the house. Or explode. Or corrode things.

The real beauty of Gunzilla is that you can slop it all over your guns and gun parts to get rid of dirt, powder, copper, lead, and plastic fouling, but it does not leave a greasy and slippery residue. After cleaning, a quick wipe leaves surfaces feeling dry. We especially like using Gunzilla to clean polymer guns as it does not leave the polymer surfaces oily and slippery like petroleum based cleaner / lubricants.

We’ve also has great success with using it on AR platforms. As it feels “drier” than other lubricants, it does not tend to attract additional gunk. And over time, Gunzilla gets rid of residue from oily lubricants and builds its own protective barrier. We’ve found that our AR becomes easier to clean over time as carbon does not stick to parts like it did before regular use of Gunzilla.

One last thing. Being plant-based and not petroleum-based, Gunzilla is a great way to clean and protect black powder firearms. No more multi-step cleaning processes of soap and water followed by drying and a black powder friendly protectant. Just clean with Gunzilla, wipe it down, and your’re done. Nice and easy.

After a year of continuous use, we highly recommend it. We just ordered another years supply. And a bottle of the new Copperzilla cleaner for extra-tough fouling situations.

Available Here Gunzilla 8 oz Pump Spray BC-10