Our “must know” topics for the week include reasons why you should always carry a flashlight and two “very big deal” gun right cases…

Is a Flashlight Your Most Important Defensive Tool?

Why yes, it is. Even in the daytime. Here’s why…


Supreme Court Convenes: Will Hear Major Gun Rights Case

From the Shooting Wire:

But for the first time since the historic, but notably vague, District of Columbia v. Hellerdecision in 2008, the high court will consider what is “reasonable” in relation to restrictions on gun rights.

Heller declared carrying a firearm to be an individual right. But it stopped there. That narrow ruling suggested reasonable bans on concealed weapons were lawful, along with bans on possession of firearms by felons and the mentally unstable, or carrying weapons in certain public places. As a result, the various lower courts have issued some wildly contradictory rulings. The New York case has the potential to severely limit, if not remove, that “wiggle room.”


Second Amendment Foundation Fights New York’s Ban on Tasers.

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit challenging New York state and municipal laws prohibiting private citizens from possessing and using stun guns and tasers, noting in its complaint, “Most courts have found that bans on stun guns and tasers violate the Second Amendment and are unconstitutional.”