Everybody wants the best, but what are some of the worst choices for self-defense ammo? Will the bullets in your defensive firearm do their job effectively if called upon? Join our resident Gun Cranks for a live and lively discussion on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of self-defense ammunition.

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MotoSchutzen: Motorcycles and Shooting | Episode 215

MotoSchutzen: Motorcycles and Shooting | Episode 215

What do motorcycles have to do with shooting? Plenty, if you take part in Motoschutzen — an invitation-only shooting industry event. This year non-biker GUNS Editor Brent T. Wheat joined the group for a sidecar ride. In this episode of the 'Cranks, he reports back about the guns, the gear and what it's like to cling like a Zebra mussel to a hurtling death-bike!