Triggered! We HATE TikTok | Episode 189

TikTok, Facebook, the YouTubes, and the Twitter Files. Social media has become a big part of this generation, but is it with nefarious intent? Listen along as Brent Wheat, Tom McHale, and Erick Gelhaus dive in.

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Got A Pistol Brace? Congrats, You're Now A Felon! | Episode 208

Got A Pistol Brace? Congrats, You’re Now A Felon! | Episode 208

Unscripted and unedited, the Gun Cranks sound off on the ATF's new pistol brace regulations — which, at the stroke of midnight on June 1, turned who knows how many law-abiding citizens into felons instantly. Penalties for owning an unregistered short-barrel rifle (SBR) could result in up to 10 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. But the real kicker ... Congress didn't have a lick to do with it! So, how can they be illegal if no law was actually passed?
Black Powder for Self Defense? | Episode 207

Black Powder for Self Defense? | Episode 207

Steam locomotives were a cool thing, and they're still around to some extent as tourist attractions, but there's better ways to move trains. GUNS Magazine Editor Brent T. Wheat argues the same is true of black powder and handguns. Tune in to this episode of Gun Cranks to find out if Tom McHale and Roy Huntington agree.
Guns vs. Italians | Episode 206

Guns vs. Italians | Episode 206

Italian gunmakers of the Gardone region export hundreds of thousands of firearms to the U.S. Having built guns for half a millennium, they’re quite good at it. Special Projects Editor Roy just returned from a visit to the big boot, and you just know he pestered everyone he met to talk about … guns.