Back by popular demand, Suzi Huntington rejoins the Gun Cranks for a spirited discussion on how to not be a range Karen. Have you encountered a "Karen" at the range?

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You Asked, We Answered | Editors' Q&A

You Asked, We Answered | Editors’ Q&A

Catch the replay of our first-ever live Q&A with GUNS Magazine Editor Brent T. Wheat, American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale, American COP Editor Erick Gelhaus and Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington. From training recommendations and whether barrel tuners work to opinions on revolvers for concealed carry, no subject was off limits … except one!
Bump Stocks and Angry Baboons | Episode 232

Bump Stocks and Angry Baboons | Episode 232

You never know what the Gun Cranks are going to talk about next, and this episode is proof. The Cranks reconvene to talk about the recent bump stock decision, the loss of Mike Venturino and Mark Hampton, and the new Angry Baboon Oracle.
Size Matters: Science Says So | Episode 231

Size Matters: Science Says So | Episode 231

We've all heard the theory: Gun owners must be overcompensating for something — or rather, their lack of "something." The bigger the gun or the more guns a guy has, the smaller his ---- must be, right? There's even a hypothesis called the “psychosexual theory of gun ownership”. Well, a team of sociologists from The University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas A&M University, and Florida State University finally decided to put the theory to the test. Earlier this month, they published their findings in the American Journal of Men's Health. The results may or may not surprise you...