A mouse gun? I don't think so...

A mouse gun? I don’t think so…

I have this near irresistible urge to make a wisecrack about the mouse that roared, but I’d be hard pressed to call a compact .45 ACP handgun a “mouse” gun.

I tested the SW1911 Pro Series with a wide variety or self-defense ammo.

I tested the SW1911 Pro Series with a wide variety or self-defense ammo.

In fact, this little 1911 is even a tad smaller than the original Colt Officers model released back in 1985. That one included a 3.5-inch barrel and sported an overall length of 7.5 inches. The Smith & Wesson SW1911 Pro Series has a 3-inch barrel and overall length of just 6.9 inches. Oh, and it’s also significantly lighter. The original Officers model weighed in at 34 ounces while this carry model is just 26.5 ounces.

Clearly, it’s ideal purpose is concealed carry. It’s small enough to hide and light enough to tote around for extended periods of time. Just to put size into perspective, I decided to compare it against some other well-known compact pistols.

For a .45 ACP, it's certainly a compact.

For a .45 ACP, it’s certainly a compact.

Consider these comparisons as a size indicator only, and not the beginning of an endless debate on which size, weight, caliber, and capacity combination is better-er than another.

The net result of the size discussion is that this gun is compact, yet big enough to fill the hand. I had no trouble getting all fingers comfortably on the grip.

A Quick Tour

As you already know, it’s a .45 ACP 1911 design. Capacity out of the box with it’s two identical included magazines is 7+1 rounds. The magazine is standard, so if you want to carry a slightly longer magazine either in the gun or as a spare, go for it. I used eight rounders from other 1911’s, and everything seemed to work hunky dory, except a little bit of the magazine sticks out the bottom.

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