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The best part of our annual SHOT Show pilgrimage is learning about new products from fascinating people.

Grime Boss Hand Wipes SHOT Show 2013

Grime Boss Hand Wipes SHOT Show 2013

One guy in particular took top honors for cleanest and freshest handshake. He was representing Grime Boss Hand Wipes at the Realtree Outdoors booth. That’s where he accosted us and asked if he could clean our hands. It wasn’t as creepy as it sounds and the price was right, so we readily agreed.

At first use, we were sold. Even wandering the indoor halls of SHOT Show one manages to pick up a fair amount of grime, people smudge, germs, coffee spill residue and who knows what else. The effectiveness of these wipes was amazing. We felt instantly clean and refreshed. Well, as clean as one can feel in Vegas.

You see, Grime Boss Hand Wipes are not sissy wipes and they are entirely inappropriate for babies’ bottoms. They don’t smell like flowers or freshly sanitized diaper pails. They are bona-fide field wipes. You might even call them tactical.

What’s cool about them, other than not smelling like Martha Stewart’s interpretation of the Kardashian Baby Nursery, is that they are made by mashing two materials together. One side is rough, really rough. As in clean mud off your truck tires rough. The other is smooth. And the whole mess is soaked in a chemical free bath containing Vitamin E and Aloe.

We’ve found all sorts of uses for Grime Boss Hand Wipes:

  • You can keep a pack in your range bag to wipe the lead and grime off before you leave. Safety first right?
  • Keep some in the workshop for cleaning tools, smooth work surfaces and of course your hands. The rough side of Grime Boss hand Wipes are incredibly versatile for light industrial cleanup.
  • Keep some in the car – not just for hands but other joys like melted Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Dairy Queen Blizzard drips. No further comment.
  • You can use them to clean dog poop out of puppy paws. Again, no further comment.
  • Live in a bachelor pad? Don’t feel like running the dishwasher? Use you imagination…
  • Still living in a bachelor pad? Company on the way and the bathroom is a little skanky? There you go.

Grime Boss Hand Wipes are packaged in a variety of ways for different applications. The single use foil packs are great for range bag and car application. For more frequent use scenarios get the multi-pack. This one is NOT packed in a plastic container on purpose. It won’t roll around, or under the workbench, it’s easier to store, and the package design keeps the last one as moist as the first.

Highly recommended!