Labradar Shooting Chronograph

There are a number of reasons to use a shooting chronograph. If you reload, it’s a must-have piece of gear. If you shoot long range, you’ll need to know the exact velocity of your ammunition from your rifle in order to make accurate ballistic bullet drop and windage predictions. If you compete, it’s good to know the power factor of your ammo from your chosen firearm. Last, but not least, a chronograph is just cool. 

Here’s the problem. Standard shooting chronographs have to sit 15 feet or so down range. This means that they will eventually get shot – either by you or a careless range neighbor. If you shoot at public ranges, you’ll also have to wait for cold-range conditions before you can set and retrieve your shooting chronograph.

The Labradar shooting chronograph not only solves all of those challenges, but adds new capabilities. Since the Doppler Radar unit doesn’t need to be down range, you can set it up right on the shooting bench – behind the muzzles. Also, as a result of the radar technology, it only picks up your shots and doesn’t get fouled up by nearby muzzle blast. Also due to radar, the unit can track velocity as the bullet travels down range. 

This is on my gift list. Hint, hint. 

You can get one at Brownells or Amazon