My Gun Culture Shooting Buyers Guide

galco-ankle-glove-holsterIt pays to buy quality. We’re about to publish a full review on this model as we’ve been using it regularly for about 3 months now. The sneak preview commentary is that this is one well constructed holster.

The entire band is made of a thick neoprene type material that’s approximately 1/4” thick. Not only is it comfortable, but its strong and does not lose it’s shape or elasticity. A sheepskin pad behind the holster shields the weight and shape of your gun from your leg.

The holster portion is leather and is very slightly undersized. This allows you to adjust the fit around the gun and tension of the thumb break exactly to your personal preference. After we actually read the instructions, we produced a short video that shows how to size the holster and thumb break.

We recommend it.

Available Here Galco Ankle Glove Holster