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The March/April 2021 Issue of American Handgunner is loaded with features from the world’s most popular and knowledgable writers.

BONUS content includes a gun dealer’s inside look through 11 pages of new products featuring 63 items featured in Shooting Industry magazine.

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Engineering Excellence Embraces Artistic StyleKorth Mongoose Carry Special And Heritage.

The HK VP9L ORAnything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Excessively.

Student HandgunnerA Distinguished Rifle Competitor Takes On… Handguns.

Timeless TraditionThe 1911 Through The Decades.

A Light TouchNighthawk’s Series 70 Colt.

FN’S 1910 Pocket AutomaticCould My Mother-In-Law Have Started World War I?

Endless Edges!Tops Knives And The Pursuit Of Edginess.

The Lipsey’s GLOCK P80The Origin Of Everything.

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