forster-case-trimmerSometimes the traditional, classic method is the best. We picked up a Forster Case Trimmer about a year ago for light to moderate volume case trimming chores.

And we couldn’t be happier with it.

Here are some of the primary features in the Paupers English:

  • Holes in the base allow easy mounting to a table or block.
  • A series of collets allow for an astronomical number of case caliber options.
  • Case length trim adjustment has both a coarse and fine adjustment – both of which are lockable with a set screw. This provides for excellent consistency of trim length – case to case.
  • Accessory options allow for addition of a power drive, primer pocket reamer, hollow pointer, case neck reamer, and deburring tools.

Affordable, simple, and consistent.

Highly recommended.

Available Here Forster Cast Trimmer