Here in the sauna of the Southeast, I generally carry a light load.

Here in the sauna of the Southeast, I generally carry a light load.

Just because I like to have fun with every aspect of my life doesn’t mean I don’t take things like every day carry seriously. Hey, I can make fun of Shannon Watts and her outrageous lies while always realizing the serious threat people like that pose to our rights. They’re not mutually exclusive. It’s kind of like mocking whatever President happens to be in office at the time.

With that said, since part of my EDC title says “Court Jester” I’m gonna bend the rules just a bit. To me, “every day carry” means just that. It just happens that some days I carry my briefcase, which most people would call a backpack, while other days I go commando, so to speak, and rely on pocket contents only. So I’m going to cheat and review two EDC configurations. Because I buy digital ink in bulk. It’s cheap and I can afford the extra words.

Daily Perambulation Sans Pack

I see EDC photos on the interwebz and am amazed at the size of other people’s pockets. Maybe they live in Oymyakon, Russia, where the average daily temperature is -58 Fahrenheit. Heck, if I lived there and wore 27 layers of clothing every day I could also carry a Buffalo armored vehicle, a platoon of Recon Marines, and all their camping gear in my pockets too. But I don’t. I live in the rice cooker of ‘Murica – the South Carolina Low Country. With average temperatures of 437 degrees and 312% humidity, I have to dress light almost all year long. I’m lucky if I can cover my man parts, much less carry a bunch of gear around.

With that said, here’s the list of my every single stinkin’ day no matter how freakin’ hot it is outside gear:

Sig Sauer P229 .357 Sig: As I write about guns for a living, the gun changes around based on what I’m working on. But I’ve stuck with this one for a while. I’ve always been nutty about the .357 Sig caliber, and this one is compact, carries 12+1, and has double-action operation that I really like for concealed carry.

Crimson Trace LG-429 Lasergrips: Every carry gun I have that can accept Lasergrips has Lasergrips. I rarely configure a carry gun with a rail-mounted laser, but only because that makes holster flexibility a real pain in the neck. I’ve done a lot of shooting in dark conditions, and I will always choose to have a laser if I can – it’s faster and intuitive under stress, at least for me. Of course my carry guns all have Tritium night sights too. Because two options are better than one.

Blackhawk MOD SFK Folder: This knife earned its way into my EDC lineup for a couple of reasons. I’ll never complain about a larger blade, as I derive much enjoyment watching metros faint when I whip it out to open a box. But the blade length is not the reason this one tops my list. I like the grip. It’s large enough for my slightly bigger than average hands and the finger grooves on both sides are just right for me. I also like the pointed tip profile. The very sharp point is exceptionally handy for opening stuff. Oh, and it’s a heck of a self-defense knife too.

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