New Master Series Lasergrips from Crimson Trace.

New Master Series Lasergrips from Crimson Trace.

Crimson Trace is bringing a couple of dozen new products to SHOT Show 2017. Among the ones not already mentioned here earlier are a LaserGuard Pro combination 150-lumen light and laser for the new Smith & Wesson Shield .45 ACP and new Master Series models for the 1911.

From the company…

Crimson Trace® today announced that it will present more than two dozen new products at the 2017 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. Among the products in booth No.16731 at the Show is the newest version of the acclaimed wireless laser sight and light LiNQ™ LNQ-103G system—a replaceable grip and partner remote module designed to fit most models of the AK-47 rifle. Other new showcase products by the industry’s leading firearms laser sight manufacturer will include: a new Laserguard Pro® light and laser sight for S&W® M&P 45®’s recently released Shield™ pistol and several new Master Series™ Lasergrips® laser sights fitting the popular 1911 pistol.

“We look forward to meeting SHOT SHOW attendees and providing more details on our new products for 2017,” noted Lane Tobiassen, Crimson Trace President. “This year we’re especially excited to announce expansion of our popular LiNQ system, an expansion of our well-known Master Series for the 1911, and an expansion of our Laserguard Pro line.”

The new Laserguard Pro LL-808/G model combines a bright 150-Lumen LED white light and a red or green Crimson Trace laser in an affordable, compact, easy-to-operate and lightweight unit that can be easily installed on Smith & Wesson’s M&P 45 Shield. Crimson Trace offers six other models of the Laserguard Pro for Glock®, Springfield Armory® and other Smith & Wesson pistols with red or green diodes.

Visitors to the Crimson Trace booth (#16731) on the SHOT Show floor can also see several prominent Standard Equipment Displays featuring firearms and the accessories for everyday carry. Other new products and a display of handguns sold nationwide with Crimson Trace laser sights pre-installed by multiple manufacturers will also be located within the booth.

At the SHOT Show, Crimson Trace products can also be seen in the Smith &Wesson®, Kimber®, Remington®, Springfield Armory® and Walther® booths.