The finest revolvers anywhere?

“In January 2016 at Shot we went over to the Korth booth and introduced ourselves,” Mark explained to me. “Great people at every level. They’ve been awesome to work with and we truly have a friendship that has developed. Everyone at Korth, from the owner, Martin Rothmann, to their gunsmiths and machinist are simply first class,” Mark told me. “We’ve been at their factory in Lollar, Germany several times, and they’ve visited us as well several times. It’s always a great experience!

“What struck me at first — and still does — is the quality of the Korth revolver, their long history of perfecting the designs, and how their build strategy is very similar to ours,” Mark explained. “Just like we here at Nighthawk Custom do with our guns, every part of a Korth revolver is fully machined out of a block of steel — and a single gunsmith hand fits each part, building the revolver from start to finish. The pairing of our products, engineering and skills is a natural and has been reflected in the enthusiasm ourcustomers have for the Korth revolvers.”

Source: Engineering Excellence Embraces Artistic Style