How to carry when deep concealment is the primary factor…

Sometimes deep concealment may be more important than ease of access. That doesn’t mean concealed carry can’t be practical. How do you pull it off?

In a perfect world, you might carry your self-defense handgun in an outside-the-waistband holster and cover it loosely with a shirt or jacket. That method offers ease of access and speed in an emergency. However, in the real world, you may have a workplace that’s not keen on concealed carry or perhaps you travel to places where others might freak out should your handgun ever peak out from under that shirt or jacket.

It’s the real world where we have to make conscious trade-offs. Simply put, the better the concealment, the slower the access to your firearm when you might need it most. If you spend time in environments where deep concealment is a must, then perhaps you’ve made a decision that having your gun, even if it is slower to access, is better than leaving it at home.

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