CorBon DPX .357 Sig ammo

Not the longer projectile length of the CorBon DPX

We’re getting to be big fans of the Barnes X bullet projectiles. Made entirely from copper, the projectile features a gaping hollow point that just looks like it wants to clog up like a garbage disposal stuffed with Justin Bieber CD’s.

But they don’t. Clog that is. The CorBon DPX bullets like to expand within reasonable parameters. This week, we tested the CorBon DPX .357 Sig 125 grain load through 2 layers of heavy shoe leather and several layers of cotton fabric and into wet newspaper, and most of the recovered bullets were fully and properly expanded. The solid copper construction ensures no jacket / core separation (as there is no core) and virtually no loss of projectile weight.

Penetration was right in line with traditional lead core hollow point designs as the weight is standard with this particular load. As all copper construction makes the bullet less dense, you’ll notice the the projectile is significantly longer than jacketed or plated designs.

Velocity from a Glock 31 Gen 4 averaged out at 1,313 feet per second measured with our Shooting Chrony placed 15 feet from the muzzle.

This is a great defensive load if you’re into the .357 Sig platform. We’ve had great success with the Barnes X bullet design in other loadings as well. It’s a consistent performer.

AVAILABLE HERE: Corbon DPX Handgun Ammunition