Denny from American Cop Magazine is a long-term iron sights guy. Here’s a story on his Gunsite training experience with pistol red dots from Bushnell –>

Dot Technique … Learned

I learned the suggested technique is to raise the pistol to eye level and push straight out in an Isosceles stance, look at where you want the bullet to strike, letting the dot appear and pressing the trigger.

On top of this, for five decades I’ve been trained to not look at the target but to focus on the front sight, and for almost as long used the Weaver stance instead of Isosceles.

Determined to get the most this class had to offer, I made a point of trying to overcome my deeply ingrained habits and take the instructor’s advice. My groups began to improve dramatically except for when I found myself not looking at the target and chasing the dot.

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Source: Connecting The Dot: Switching from Iron Sights to Handgun Red Dots