I’ve been learning how to draw. No, not with colored pencils or finger paints—I suck at that. I’ve been learning how to draw, or more accurately, relearning how to draw from legitimate concealment.

I’ve been eating some portions of humble pie while experimenting with the new Mantis X10 magic computer training tool recently, and it’s exposing plenty of things I need to work on. Even before the upcoming New Year’s Resolution season.

Sure, it feels great to practice with an OWB rig with no cover garment. We can rack up impressive times on the shot timer and make ourselves feel good. Too many of us who carry a gun live in a phantasmagoria of rising to the occasion, action movie scenes, and optimism. Hey, if something ever goes wrong when we’re carrying concealed, the motions are pretty much the same, so it’ll work out, right?

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