Based on the new Colt guns we saw at SHOT Show 2016, we might be seeing a Phoenix rise from the ashes. It’s no news that Colt has had its struggles over the past couple of years. Recently, the company announced its plan to move forward as a healthier entity. Based on I saw at the SHOT Show 2016 Media Range Day event, they’re moving in the right direction.

At SHOT Show 2016 Media Day, the Colt team displayed four new 1911 pistols. I got the run down from Team Colt’s Mark Redl and had the opportunity to shoot a couple of them. The short and sweet summary? Nice. Here are some of the details.

The new Lightweight Commander sports an aluminum frame topped with a blued carbon steel slide. It’s shockingly light when you pick it up. It’s got a 4.25-inch barrel for its concealed carry purpose and packs either eight rounds of .45 ACP or nine rounds of 9mm depending on which caliber you choose. The grips look like wood from a distance but are made from G10 for durability. I shot this one, and it’s smooth as silk. The trigger is outstanding with a crisp and positive reset. MSRP: $949.

Colt's new Lightweight Commander. This one is chambered in 9mm.

Colt’s new Lightweight Commander. This one is chambered in 9mm.

I also test fired the new Competition Pistol mode. This one is all steel and sports a five-inch barrel. The front sight is fiber optic, but the real surprise lies with the rear Novak sight. It’s adjustable as you might expect on a competition model, but it’s also a combat profile. What? Yes, Novak just released this combination. The adjustment screws are recessed so unlike most adjustable sights it will be great for concealed carry as it won’t snag on clothing. Shoot this one for competition or use the adjustable combat sights to regulate point of impact for your particular carry load. As on the lightweight Commander model, the trigger is outstanding. MSRP: 899.

The new Colt Competition 9mm.

The new Colt Competition 9mm.

There’s a new Expanse M4 rifle, 1911 Combat Unit Rail Gun, and 1911 Wiley Clapp Commander model to round out the class of 2016. Check those out at

This article originally appeared at Shooting Sports Retailer.