Gun Safety

The Acorn That Started a Shootout

By |2024-02-29T10:59:15-05:00February 29th, 2024|

So, I won't spoil the whole story, but just suppose, an acorn fell from a tree, starting an officer shortly after capturing a suspect. Then the magazine dumps begin, calls for backup and "officer down" start going out. And then... the facts become clear through the fog of, well, in this case, all out war.

Lowest Gun Accident Rate Ever? Project ChildSafe

By |2024-02-14T16:24:58-05:00February 14th, 2024|

You might be surprised to learn that, despite the noise, child-related firearms accidents are at an all-time low. That's no thanks at all to the supposed "gun safety" organizations. The real change is being driven by efforts within the firearms industry.


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