Danger! Guns and Sudafed

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No need to worry, though. Our government does a bang-up job of regulating things, so we’ve got the problem under control. I know this to be a fact because the system caught me trying to defeat the controls put in place for my own good.

Beware! There’s a New Gun Writer in Town!

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Beware, there’s a new gun writer in town, and he/she/it/they/them is kinda dangerous. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve probably heard some of the fuss about artificial intelligence (AI). As a long-suffering tech industry guy, while there is truth to computers getting smarter, a lot is being blown out of proportion.

Regulate This

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Once again, the Second Amendment debate is front and center in the news. Whenever people violate the rules of human decency, exposing foundational flaws in our society even a turnip knows will never be fixed with some new law, people scream for action. “Just do something!”Predictably, the “do something” drumbeat points to proposed new gun laws and a challenge to the Second Amendment in principle. Then the pontificating begins (from those who’ve not read seven syllables of writings by our country’s founders) with, let’s say, creative and again predictable, hot takes.

Gun Cranks TV – Coolest Shooting Products and Tips. And hunting with AR Shotguns…

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Should you hunt with an AR shotgun? And our favorite shooting tips and gear. Resident


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