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We recently did a full gun review of a Springfield Armory TRP 1911 Armory Kote. In the process, we tested a broad array of practice and self defense ammo.

MagTech First Defense 45ACP 165 grain

MagTech First Defense 45ACP 165 grain

Magtech First Defense bullets are constructed from 100% copper, thereby eliminating the potential downfalls of traditional jacketed ammunition – weight retention. With jacketed ammunition, there is always potential for the bullet’s jacket to separate from the interior lead core. Depending on the severity of the separation, bullet penetration, and therefore effectiveness, can suffer.

Magtech First Defense bullets have been designed to expand reliably by using a series of cuts in the projectile to aid and guide bullet expansion. As you can see by the attached photo, we had great success. These four Magtech First Defense bullets were fired through two layers of thick leather, followed by 4 layers of light canvas, into a wetpack backstop. As the photo shows, three of the four projectiles expanded well even after passing through very tough barriers.

The 165 grain weight allows for higher velocity than traditional 230 grain .45 ACP loads. While we measured velocity of 1,076 feet per second with our Shooting Chrony Beta Master, felt recoil was mild for a .45 ACP defense load.


Available Here Magtech First Defense .45ACP 165 grain Ammo