Here’s a little something different for today.

cold steel spike neck knifeWe bought a Cold Steel Spike Neck Knife years ago, well, just because. It has turned out to be one handy piece of gear.

The Spike Series Neck Knives are fashioned from a solid piece of steel, and depending on the specific model, feature about a 4 1/2 inch blade. The blade if thick and tough enough for hard use, but has an edge capable of fine cutting. All edges are rounded so it’s comfortable to hold and use and the handle is wrapped with cord for grip, size, and comfort.

The neatest part? The Kydex sheath features a neck chain allowing you to carry The Spike around your neck with handle oriented downwards. It’s plenty secure and completely invisible. The sheath features other loops in case you want to mount it to MOLLE gear or just about anywhere else.


Available Here Cold Steel “The Spike” Series Neck Knives