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511 COVRT Zone Assault Pack

511 COVRT Zone Assault Pack

Backpack? Holster? Metro Bag?

How about all the above? The 5.11 Tactical COVRT Z.A.P. 6, or Zone Assault Pack makes a great holster that also serves to lug some gear. The single-strap, over-the-shoulder design allows the pack to be carried on the back, but instantly swiveled to the front. When brought forward, the dedicated holster compartment is perfectly oriented for a quick draw. The whole setup is ambidextrous (the holster pouch is accessible from either side) so it’s both lefty and righty friendly.

We’ve found it to be an excellent way to discreetly pack while riding a bike. And of course you can lug around your other important stuff. This is a truly handy design. Love it.


Available Here 5.11 Tactical COVRT Z.A.P. 6 (Zone Assault Pack)