Have you ever wound your belt through holsters, magazine carriers, and belt loops, only to find when your finished that you find you missed a loop or placed a piece of gear in the wrong spot? If so, then you’ll understand why one of my favorite gear finds this year was the Blackhawk! QuickMod magazine case. It’s a brilliant solution to one of those little headaches.

The QuickMod system allows you to put on and take off magazine holders without taking off your belt via a top and bottom “hook” system. A quick-release button allows the hooks to separate from each other. Just place the separated hooks over your belt in the desired location and pinch them together to lock them them to your belt. Ratchets hold them in place until you deliberately release them.

As a bonus, the magazine carrier rotates around the mount and locks into 16 different positions. This allows you to angle the magazines to your preference. If you prefer a certain angle, you can semi-permanently lock that position.

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