Blackhawk Leather Magazine Pouch

The Kydex clip adds versatilty to the Blackhawk Leather Magazine Pouch

The Blackhawk Leather Magazine Pouch is one nifty, handy, dandy accessory. Available in single stack and double stack magazine sizes, it’s insanely adjustable like many other Blackhawk products.

The basic idea behind this model is configurability. It features a sewn-on leather belt loop which can accommodate belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide. That’s pretty standard.

Where things get interesting is how the Blackhawk Leather Magazine pouch offers a Kydex clip that can mount on the belt loop itself. With the Kydex clip option, the user can easily add and remove the magazine pouch from the belt. We found that you can even reverse the magazine pouch and mount it as an inside-the-waistband model using the clip option.

The Kydex clip can also be rotated and locked in place so you can adjust the angle of carry in 30 degrees forward or backward. Handy. To remove the Kydex belt clip and use the standard sewn-in belt loop, just rotate the clip 90 degrees and it comes right off.

Blackhawk Leather Magazine PouchThe magazine pouch itself features an adjustable retention screw which lets you set the exact tension for the magazine hold. Loosen it up for competition use, tighten it a bit for active carry. We found the magazine to be exceptionally secure, yet accessible, in this piece of gear.

All in all, it’s a versatile piece of equipment. We’ve been using it daily for a spare 1911 magazine.

You can pick one up here: Blackhawk! CQC Leather Ambidextrous Magazine Pouch.

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