CMMG just put the extra short in “short barrel rifle.” With the launch of the Banshee lineup, the company is bringing compact and handy to a whole new level.

The CMMG Banshee is a family affair, with members currently identifying as .45 ACP, .22 LR, 300 Blackout, and 9mm. Perhaps we’ll see more caliber offerings if the Banshee takes off. Oh, it comes in an official short barrel rifle configuration (NFA Tax Stamp required) and a pistol version. I’ve had the pistol variant of the .45 ACP Banshee for the past month or so running it through its paces.

It’s short. Really short. This one uses a five-inch barrel with a hand guard that’s just a hair longer than my hand itself. It’s got a threaded barrel, so it just screams for the addition of a suppressor. OK. I went ahead and stuck a SilencerCo Osprey 45 on it. It pairs well and looks dashing. Not to mention, it’s ultra-quiet as most .45 ACP loads are naturally subsonic.

The Banshee looks like a classic AR-type rifle, and in the 300 Blackout variant it is. The pistol caliber models use a rotary delayed blowback system, so there’s no gas tube. The bolt and carrier look similar, but the bolt has an internal spring to help put things back into battery.

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