Gemtech's The One suppressor covers almost all of the rifle bases.

Gemtech’s The One suppressor covers almost all of the rifle bases.

Sometimes irony is the best medicine.

My favorite example is how the aggressive efforts of the gun control lobby ended up achieving exactly the opposite result. Turn on the way back machine and set the dial for the 1980s and 90s decades. Back in the day, before shake weights, we faced some serious setbacks from the gun control crowd. That’s when waiting periods and background checks sailed through Congress. Oh, and we did, in fact, pick up a genuine gun ban during the Clinton administration.

The ironic result of this amphibious frontal assault on the entire gun industry was a very unintended consequence. Yeah, the hoplophobes won some battles, but they quickly turned the tide of the war against themselves. You see, faced with imminent extinction, the firearm industry circled the wagons and started working together. On the same side, they started getting things accomplished like the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. This basically ended the threat of an endless series of liability lawsuits that would have quickly bankrupted the industry. Can you imagine if anyone was allowed to sue the adult beverage industry any time they sent a stupid late-night text they later regretted?

One such example of industry cooperation and a tangible and meaningful way is the American Suppressor Association. I had the pleasure of attending a pre-NRA Annual Meeting suppressor shoot where participating companies not only showed their wares, but educated media on the industry’s efforts to promote safety and environmental benefits of silencers.

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