Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 10.07.42 AMI have the utmost respect for you guys girls over at The WON – Women’s Outdoor News.

All in all, you are confident, capable, resourceful, tactical, camo-sporting women. The marryin’ type for sure.

That said, I need to offer some friendly advice for the upcoming Fathers Day celebration. This is a really, really big deal for us guys.  While you may think you have good ideas for gifts, you are still women girls and may not have the proper understanding of what us guys really value.

So let’s find out if you are really qualified to choose the all-important Fathers Day gifts.  Take a quick pop-quiz to gauge your relative understanding of the under-developed male psyche. Oh, and thanks in advance for your willing cooperation with this process. After all, the goal of finding those perfect Fathers Day gifts is paramount here; a little humility on your part to ensure quality of the process is much appreciated.

True or False? While hunting with your best friend, you notice that a rabid squirrel has lunged at your buddy and firmly clamped its jaws onto his, umm, private man parts. You find this hysterical and, instead of dialing 911, get out your camera phone.

True or False? The Blues Brothers is the greatest movie ever made.

Circle all correct choices: Valentines Day is…
A.  One of those times you are firmly encouraged to sleep on the couch, but you don’t know why.
B.  A major cause of stress and anxiety in your life. What is a Hallmark store?
C.  A great excuse for the little lady to buy you a new shotgun.
D.  Beers out with the boys.

If you aced this test, we’ll drop the issue. But we all know you didn’t, so we’re making an offer to help you with the gift selection process.  Are you really qualified to buy us WOW! Father’s Day gifts?  Do YOU really think YOU know what’s best for US?


EDITORS NOTE: Guys, feel free to add your appropriate dude-driven Fathers Day gift ideas to the comments below. We will be GIVING AWAY A BIG-TIME, GUY-APPROPRIATE FATHERS DAY GIFT to someone who comments below!