Here’s a gun holster specifically for the ladies. It’s featured in my most recent book, The Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters.

When you’re going to dress like a movie star, you ought to have a holster named after one.

The Marilyn is designed for access from the top, rather than the bottom like the Flashbang. So those long, flowy evening gowns are appropriate carry garments after all!

Looper Gun Holsters - The Marilyn

The Looper Marilyn uses both a strap and clip to mount to the bra.

It’s a little bit like a shoulder holster in that it rides underneath your arm. The difference is that it’s designed to be worn attached to the bra, but on the side. Access is through the collar, so The Marilyn is best when worn with scoop or v-neck tops or dresses. You need a little room in the collar to be able to quickly access your gun.

Looper Marilyn demo

The Looper Marilyn mounts like this.

Like the Flashbang, the holster pocket is made from Kydex and relies on a pressure mount. Pull the gun outward to release it from the tension grip of the holster.

The Marilyn is available for a wide variety of .32, .380 ACP, 9mm, and .38 Special handguns. Think of models in the size range of the Beretta Nano, Kahr models, Ruger LC9 and LCP, Kimber Solo, Sig P238, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, Smith & Wesson Shield and Walther PPK. Plenty of other models are available so check with Looper Brand for the latest list.

The Marilyn is a great option for longer dresses and sports bras. Whether going for a jog or a night on the town, The Marilyn will make you feel like a well-protected star.

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