There's no copper fouling with American Eagle's Syntech because there is no copper.

There’s no copper fouling with American Eagle’s Syntech because there is no copper.

And now for something completely different from American Eagle. The new Syntech ammunition is an excellent solution for both indoor and outdoor ranges.

American Eagle Syntech projectiles are all lead but coated with a total synthetic jacket instead of copper. There are a few good reasons for this. First, the material has far less friction that copper jackets, so the gun runs cleaner and cooler. As there is no copper, there is no copper fouling – at all. Second, when the projectile hits a hard backstop like a steel plate or the backstop of an indoor range, the bullet tends to disintegrate more at the point of impact with far less splashback of bullet fragments.

I spoke with one of American Eagle’s project managers about the Syntech, and he showed me some interesting test results. Engineers placed a huge plastic sheet around a steel target and proceeded to fire lots of traditional jacketed and Syntech ammo. The idea was to recover bullet fragments and measure the distances of splashback.

When engineers weighed the material that traveled five, ten, and fifteen yards back towards the shooting line, the difference between jacketed and Syntech projectiles was surprising. Not only is did much less lead travel that far, but the fragments were also more like dust than the jagged bits of metal created by jacketed projectiles. The Syntech made much less of a mess and created a safer shooting environment due to the reduction in fragments.

Syntech also uses an exclusive Catalyst lead-free primer – another benefit for shooters and range operators alike. American Eagle Syntech is available in 9mm Luger 115 grain, 40 S&W 165 grain and 45 Auto 230 grain.