Once you shoot a pistol with a nice trigger, you’re spoiled for life…

I’ve been tinkering with a new pair of Glocks – the Slimline 43X and 48 models. They’re identical except for slide and barrel length. Yes, they share the exact same 10-round magazine too. If you haven’t checked them out yet, take a look. I’m not at all a Glock Fanboi but I have to admit I really like these perfectly proportioned pistols. They’re just the right size for easy carry, pack 10+1, and are soft and easy to shoot. What’s not to like? Some say the Glock Trigger could be better.

Even the trigger is OK, but I’m a trigger snob, so I’m up for the possibility of improvement over the factory model. I’m going to replace the factory trigger with an Apex Action Enhancement Blue Trigger kit. This is just the trigger. No transfer bars, interior guts, sears, or transmissions involved. According to the Apex folks, this operation alone will get rid of some of the rough feel in the take-up stage and the reset travel. The new trigger will also reduce the distance that the trigger travels, thereby offering more control and less opportunity to torque the gun during the trigger press and yank it off target.

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