One of the things I spend the most time on at the annual NRA Annual Meeting is scouring the exhibit halls for new and innovative products. This year, I ran across a previous acquaintance. I had forgotten about this company until we crossed paths again in the midst of 81,000 of my closest friends at the recent Indy NRA meeting and expo.

It’s a dry-fire practice aid that falls squarely into the “Why didn’t I think of that?” category. I tell every shooter I work with that a few minutes a day of dry-fire practice is the single most effective thing that can do to improve their shooting skills. How many adopt that practice, even occasionally? I don’t know, but I suspect it’s about the same percentage as people who floss their teeth daily and following the wash-rinse-repeat instructions on hair shampoo.

One reason that dry-fire practice is about as interesting as watching C-SPAN on mute is that it requires artificial gun manipulation if you use a semi-automatic pistol. After all, the whole point of dry-fire practice is to work on the trigger press repeatedly. Each time you press the trigger on a semi-auto, you have to reset the trigger and striker so you can do it again. That requires at least a partial slide rack. Worse yet, if you have a magazine inserted, you have to be careful not to rack too far or else you’ll have the release the slide, too.

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