If you go to an indoor shooting range, odds are you’ll pay for your time by the hour. Even if you go to a facility that doesn’t charge by the hour, you’ll likely prefer to spend more time shooting than on support activities. Here are some tips to help you spend more time behind the trigger and less time fiddling around with maintenance and preparation. Make the most of your time at the range!

Make a List

It’s always helpful to make a quick and dirty checklist of what you’ll need at the range. Below, you’ll find a list of supplies to keep in your gear bag so that you can just put “shooting bag” on your list!

If you plan to bring guns in different calibers, ammo for each should be on your list. That may sound silly, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a long drive, set up and only then found out I had forgotten to bring a certain variety of ammo. Be sure to also include magazines for each gun on your list. Your list might also include enough eye and ear protection for everyone present, targets and cardboard backers if necessary.

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