How do you defend yourself against a mob? Have the rules changes? What do you need to know about the legal definition of a modern mob? What if part of the mob represents non-violent protesters and part is comprised of violent rioters?

This informative video by Mas Ayoob and presented by Wilson Combat sheds some light on the topic…

What defines a “mob?” Under what circumstances can violent or threatening action by a large group of people be considered mob violence? What rights do you have to defend yourself in these situations? From Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, AZ to Ossian Sweet in Detroit, MI, in this episode Mas explains how the history of successful defenses against mob violence has evolved, and how that landscape has changed in the modern environment of potential civil unrest.

Source: (7) Defending Against Mob Violence – Critical Mas(s) Ep. 04 with Massad Ayoob – YouTube