Secrets That Just Might Work For You

A reader, James, recently wrote in asking some good questions about appendix carry …

“Could I see some pictures of folks who are using the appendix carry method of carrying a concealed firearm, actually sitting down? I have tested out appendix carry a few times and found it next to impossible with my evidently misshapen torso to sit down. It is not only extremely painful, but it also pushes my pistol up and outward, thereby defeating the whole purpose. Social media is full of gun bunnies and tacti-cool dudes taking selfies of their shirts lifted, showing their hidden appendix-carried firearm, smiling away. Yet not one of them was while sitting down.

I tried it with an M&P Shield, a S&W 642, and, just for the sake of argument, a GI Springfield 1911. How do these people sit down? In the meantime, I keep soldiering on with ankle holsters, holster-hip, and an ever-worsening case of tinnitus.”

All great questions, James, and when I embarked on a multi-month experiment to see what all the fuss was about with appendix carry, I encountered the exact same challenges you describe. Now, I carry a full-size, double-stack Staccato P model 2011 appendix every day, even while sitting and spending hours in the car.