Here’s an interesting option for “Off Premises Parking” concealed carry.

The 5.11 COVRT Z.A.P. 6 (Zone Assault Pack) is a single strap, small and portable backpack that is configured with the 5.11 Tactical BBS (Backup Belt System) option. The BBS system offers standardized holsters, mag pouches,  mace / flashlight pouches, baton, and handcuff pouches – if you’re into that sort of thing. The basic idea is that 5.11 Tactical packs, bags, and garments are preconfigured to accept the BBS accessories so you can use the same holster, for example, in many different packs or clothes.

While the COVRT Z.A.P. 6 is designed to be worn on the back, the single strap design allows the bag portion to be quickly swiveled around to the front – allowing quick access to any of the bags compartments or the hidden and dedicated BBS gun holster pouch.

The design is fully ambidextrous and the BBS holster pocket is accessible from either side, so it works equally well for righties and lefties.

Worn cross carry, the pack is pretty stable. For additional security, there is an adjustable cross strap that snaps into place. This keeps the pack from moving around, but be aware it has to be unsnapped for the main compartment to be able to rotate to the front.

This carry method is certainly not the quickest, but concealment is outstanding, gun access is good, and there are no telltale “gun person” indicators. We can carry a Glock 32 in it with no problem. It will probably accommodate a larger gun, but you may have to mount it more diagonally inside the BBS compartment.

Oh yeah, it’s a useful backpack as well. The main compartment has a padded sleeve storage container for iPad’s or Netbook sized devices, a dedicated and lined sunglasses pouch, and a separate strap mounted pocket for phone, music player, etc. An organization pocket has sub dividers for cards, pens, and other personal carry items. A separate pouch in the back can accommodate a hydration bladder or body armor plate – although we would question the value of a small protective plate that moves around so easily.

The back of the pack is padded and the strap is also wide and padded – so it’s a comfortable rig for light to moderate everyday loads.

AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM: 5.11 COVRT Z.A.P. 6 (Zone Assault Pack)