I’ve got a shooting bag full of tools and cleaning gear from Real Avid in my shooting bag that travels along with every range trip. They make handy stuff. Here’s something new for your Glock owners out there…

New 4 in 1 Glock tool from Real Avid.

New 4 in 1 Glock tool from Real Avid.

The 4-in-1 Tool for Glock from Real Avid sets the new standard for multi-tools for guns. This compact tool holds four essential tools for any Glock owner. The spring-loaded design releases one tool at a time for required uses. With this tool you can remove pins, change out front sights, remove slide lock spring and locking block and adjust aftermarket rear sights. The tools included are: 3/32” pin punch, micro Allen for aftermarket sights, magnetic 3/16” hex drive for front sights, flat blade screwdriver for prying slide-lock spring.

The 4-in-1 Tool for Glock is the perfect armorer’s tool for Glock owners. Smart, precise, advanced, just like your Glock.

The 4-in-1 Tool for Glock retails at $24.99 and is available now.

About Real Avid

Since 2009, Real Avid has focused on innovation, design and one-of-a-kind products to make modern hunters and shooters more capable and better prepared. Our constant study of real world gun users, combined with an utter impatience for work-arounds and old thinking, fuels our quest to create better products and superior user experiences. This is the Real Avid way, and our products are our testament.  Visit www.RealAvid.com for more information and to see the full line of Real Avid products.