Bulldogs have a storied history even if they do look like they lost a game of chicken with a parked mail truck. According to Wikipedia, they’re “a muscular, hefty dog with a wrinkled face and a distinctive pushed-in nose.” That’s a much kinder way of describing that unfortunate postal vehicle accident, but I digress. Bulldogs were also associated with Winston Churchill’s heroic posturing back in the big war. Described by BBC, “to many, the Bulldog is a national icon, symbolising pluck and determination.” You know it’s a legit British quote because they spelled “symbolising” with an “s”.

A while back, I got my hands on a Benjamin Bulldog and its fraternal twin, the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow. While the Airbow is a nifty tool for hunting applications and perforating trees with arrows, the Bulldog has many practical applications too. While, like the Airbow, its looks are non-traditional, it’s got everything you’d expect in a big bore air rifle, even if it shares that flattened nose with our iconic English canine.

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