dumb shooting argumentsA wise person once recommended that you never wrestle with pigs. Why? You both get muddy, and the pig kind of likes it. Yet against my better judgment, I occasionally wrestle with pigs online in pointless arguments. I’ll bet a box of .25 ACP ammo that you do too.

Recently, some faceless person at the opposite end of my tin can and string insisted that anyone using XS Sights was derpy. Yeah, I know, you can have more meaningful discussions if you get off your couch and walk to the corner of Ignorance and Bliss than debating online. Anyway, I happen to use XS Sights on my compact carry gun, because I like them. The older I get, the more I have to work to get my eyes to focus on small and close objects, like front sights. A physically large front sight like the XS Big dot jumps into clarity much faster (for me) than a smaller and more precise sight. Since I don’t foresee doing headshots on running ninjas from 75 yards away, nor do I use this configuration to compete at Bianchi Cup, the tradeoff between speed of acquisition and precision is one I’m happy to make. To make a long story short, the guy with the other tin can informed me that the XS Sights don’t work as well for me because someone else said they won’t, so obviously I was an uninformed idiot. So there.

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