One of my most fundamental beliefs is that we should should all consider ourselves eternal students. Not just seven-year program college savants , but true lifelong learners. If you keep an open mind, and make some effort, you can in fact learn something new every day. While recognizing the importance of eternal learning is important in all life endeavors, it’s especially critical if you choose to carry a gun.

Today in my morning “get me more educated time” I ran across an article shared by Greg Ellifritz over at Active Response Training. He shared a piece by John Fee titled Situational Awareness – An essential attribute for a security professional. It’s a fascinating and thought-provoking read that just might make you realize how little you really pay attention to your daily surroundings.

Like active listening, active observation is a developed skill that improves with practice. If you don’t care for the exercises presented in the article, invent your own. You can increase your observations kills by doing simple things like playing “spot the concealed carrier” when you’re out at the movies, mall, or grocery store.

Read the article. Watch the included video clip from the movie Spy Games. Yeah, I am suggesting learning something from a Hollywood movie. Hey, sometimes gold dust comes from sludge at the bottom of creeks and swamps, right?